Bellingham Washington

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  • North Bellingham (360) 383-7376
  • Central Bellingham (360) 734-5118
  • South Bellingham (360) 510-3929

3 Locations to Choose From

South Bellingham / Fairhaven

Fitness Kickboxing

Ninja Dragon's Ages 4-6

Ninja Kenpo Kids Ages 7-10

Adult / Teen Rock Solid Kenpo (Tactical Training/Self Defense) Ages 11 and up

Click: South Bellingham/Fairhaven Website

Central Bellingham

 Youth Programs

Ninja Dragons Ages 4-6

Ninja Kenpo Kids Ages 7-10

Ninja Kenpo Teens Ages 11 - 14

Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ages 4-10

Teen Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ages 11-15

Youth Sport Karate Ages 5-10 

Teen Sport Karate Ages 11-18

Adult Programs

Rock Solid Kenpo (Tactical Training / Self Defense) Ages 15 and up

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  Ages 15 and up

Muay Thai Kickboxing Ages 14 and up

Mixed Martial Arts Ages 14 and up

Fitness Kickboxing  Ages 14 and up Rock Solid Martial Arts in Bellingham Kickboxing in Bellingham

Click: Central Bellingham Website

North Bellingham (Located at Bellingham Athletics Club -Meridian.)

Youth Programs

Click Here Ninja Dragon's Ages 4-6

Click Here Ninja Kenpo Kids Ages 7-10

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Rock Solid Martial Arts

Bellingham, WA

South Bellingham (360) 510-3929
Central Bellingham (360) 734-5118
North Bellingham (360) 383-7376